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The Bear of Pichesham

A journalist uncovers the unlikely legend of a 700-year-old bear, only to discover that it may be real—and has plans of its own.

New York journalist Annie Maylor needs a new start. Scouring her family history for a story that will reboot her career, she travels to England searching for the truth behind the strange entries in her great-grandfather's diary - stories about a bear, stories that make no sense.

What she finds is the village of Lower Pichesham, welcoming and beguiling, rich in history and concealing a hidden past. Lurking somewhere in that past, the bear is real. She has her own stories to tell, improbable adventures that start in the Dark Ages of Central Europe and wind up at the dawn of the space age. And the bear has her own agenda…

As their paths collide, Annie begins to unravel the mysteries shrouding Pichesham. When events take a deadly turn, she discovers the secrets that lie within her. Secrets that trigger an astonishing adventure of her own.

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The Soul Stone.jpg
The Soul Stone and other stories

The Soul Stone: A brutal raid on a 10th century abbey in Ireland leads to a multi-layered magical confrontation

The Soul Stone is (among other things) the origin story of one of the major characters in The Bear of Pichesham


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